With Paper Hands

I am officially a college graduate. As part of my graduation requirements, I completed a senior thesis film, so I thought I would take a moment to share the poster an maybe get a few people excited to watch it. The film is called With Paper Hands. It is a ten minute documentary on the “Paperhand Puppet Intervention” a puppet theater troupe operating out of Saxapahaw, NC.

The Paper Hand Puppet Intervention is unusual in the scale of their puppets – giant creatures that stretch 30′ tall and are operated by several puppeteers. They also perform using masks, smaller puppets, and other gizmos and scenery all made from simple craft items like cardboard, papier mache, and cloth. Their shows are really quite incredible, and I would recommend that anyone in the NC area (or who has some time to travel) go see a show!

With Paper HandsĀ explores the unique qualities of this style of puppetry, the creative process, and it’s unique ability to capture an audiences imagination with simple objects made from paper, even in a culture saturated with fast paced, Hi-tech entertainment.

The ten minute film is part of a longer series I will be directing about the art of puppetry, and with their incredible visuals and passionate personalities, Donovan and Jan of the Paperhand Puppet Intervention were the ideal first subjects. The film will be available to view online after a short festival circuit.

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